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G. Lechner:


With 16 beginning of Kundalini Yoga practise under Siri Sat Nam Singh Khalsa.
With 17 extension of practise in Hatha Yoga at the Shivananda Centre Berlin.

With 20 initiation into Kriya Yoga under Swami Dhirananda (3. Generation after Swami Yogananda)

Education Reiki 1. Degree

With 22 practise in the Japanese monastery Sogenji under Harada Shodo Roshi.

With 24 higher ordination in the state of a Buddhist monk in Shri Lanka.
Study of the original texts, and travels to various hermitages and meditation masters.

With 30 return to Germany.
Since then guiding meditation groups, single lessons and seminars in
Buddhist Meditation, Aikido, Swordwork and Iaido.

Practise in Iaido under W. Steinhaus, P. Fehr, H. Fujii, and G. Maag-Röckemann in Swordwork (refer to "links & literature").

To learn means, zu realize what on bears in oneself.
To do it means to show that the learned can be transferred into practise.
To teach means to show others that they have it in themself as oneself.

An Interview for an sociol padagogic diploma.
>>>> Interview Download (German)
W. Steinhaus

After 10 years of Judo training he began practicing Aikido in 1980 in Germany under different teachers.

Since moving to Japan he practiced in Matsuyama and Ôsaka under various teachers.

Instructor of Aikikai Freiburg, Germany, from 1983-2004. he is instructor of Aikidô Dôjô Freiburg and Takuan Soho Dojo Freiburg since 2004.

Current rank: Aikido 5th dan, Iaido 7th dan (Renshi).