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    Ethic, development of mankind

The haert of humans is more dangereous than a mountain or a stream and it is more difficult to recognize than heaven. Spring, summer, fall and winter, morning and eve as well, give the sky certain qualities. But the shell of man discloses everything, what goes on in its depth. [Dschuang Tse]

Is the heart of man surpressed it gets down, is it sponsored, it becomes rebellious. Soon it is soft and devote, soon it is imperious and hard. Soon it is quite and modest, soon hurting and sharp. Soon it is hot like the fire, soon cold as ice. The heart is so quick, that in the moment man moves an eye, it grasgs over seas. Is it still, it is silent like an abyss. Does it move, it storms to heights. Proud and arrogant is the heart of man and is not to be bound. [Dschuang Tse]

Great wisdom has no form. Precious things can not be finished quickkly. Noble sounds are not heartd seldom. ]Lü Bu We]

Respect without form becomes toady.
Attention without form becomes fear.
Courage without form becomes rebellion.
Sincerity without form becomes rudeness.

There are men who serve rulers and they are happy, if they see, that they are satisfied with them.
There are men, who serve a state and they are happy, when they are successful to create order and peace.
There are men of heaven, who act only, when they are certain that they are useful to thers.
There are sublime men, they are correct and straight, and by that others become so too. [Mong Tse]

If one walks on a footpath, it appears naturally to give a space for the other. Should it not be the same, to leave something if one has a good meal?

A ministre of prince Huan of Tsi had a crop, which was large as a pot. But the prince loved and honoured that virtuos and learned man so much, that the necks of normal human beings appeared to him too slim.
Spiritual size makes all bodily handicaps invisible. [Dschuang Tse]

One cuts cinnamontrees for its bark to season the meals. One cuts the laquertree to form vessels. We humans know very well that it is useful to be useful. But we seem not to know that it is useful as well, not to be useful. [Dschuang Tse]

Dschuang Tse told Hui Tse: "Kung Dse changed his opinion even after being sixty. That what he earlier thought to be right, he sees now as wrong. How can we know, if that what we think to be right today, not to be wrong tomorrow? [Dschung Tse]

That buds do not become a blossom, that might happen.
That bloosoms bear no fruits, thta might happen. [Kung Tse]

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