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Swordwork according the understanding of Karlfried Graf von Dürckheim:

Graf Dürckheim lived several years in Japanese monastery and received kendo practise as well. In deep contact to those masters he began to realize that the truth is something which accords to universal laws independent of countries and races. He found similarities to his Christian background. Filled with insights he returned to Germany and founded a spiritual village in the Black Forest "Rütte". Very soon his work spread as he helped many people to become healthier. He called his way "Initiatische Therapie".

Swordwork understood in this way, is a continuation and deepening of the idea of the ancient iaido masters. Sharp body awareness as a tool for mental development.

In a time, where movement becomes less and less, it seems to be a natural result, that body, mind and self awareness become more and more indifferent until we can not feel our sensations any more. The sword shall help us to contact our uncoutable levels of being. The sword is the catalyst for the consciousness to become more sensible and to expand.
Only a complete and whole inner picture, a true realisation and capability of handling our competences can lead us to a whole, mature and healthy human being, which lives in harmony with its environment.©

That you achieved what I asked you to achieve I could see the moment you opened the door. But it is like this with human beings: If one worked hard for something to achieve, where one gave the utmost in striving, there can happen only one misfortune. That one stops working on his art and thinking that one has achieved an end. If destiny means it good with someone, it will take care that one will continue to strive, so that the already manifestet will be polished, changed and become something own. In an art it never turns around what you get out of it, but what you put in it.
Aus "Wunderbare Katze" Seite 7. Graf Dürckheim, 1. Auflage 1964

Man is a being of movement. If he does not move in the good, he moves in the not good. If a thought does not come here it will come there. What underlies the manifold changes is the human heart. ...
The principle is without form. Its function can be shown at the instrument. Without instrument one can not recognize the principle. The wonderful blossoming of the source can be seen in the change of yin and yang and the divine principle of the human heart proves itself in the senssitivity for the four main virtues. The sword is directed towards victory and defeat, but when one comes to understand the inner core, one realizes that it is the natural behaving blossom of the heart.
Aus dem Tengu Geijutsu Ron

The meaning of each teaching is, that it is pointing to something that everyone bears already in himself without knowing it, to point it out, to make it conscious. There is no secret that the teacher could give the disciple. To teach is easy. To listen is easy. But it is difficult to become conscious of what is in oneself and to take charge of it. This is called: to see the inner being. (ken-sei, kensho). If it happens to us we call it satori. It is the great awakening out of the dream of delusion. Awakening, to see the own being, self real - ization, it means all the same.
Aus "Wunderbare Katze" von K. Graf v. Dürckheim, 1.Auflage 1964

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